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Women's Word

Kingborough Community Hub,
Kingston, Tasmania

Forty women from a variety of backgrounds were invited to submit works using the humble tea towel as a starting point.

The exhibition saw painters, ceramicists, jewellery makers, crafters and textile designers pondering what it means to be female or addressing distinctly women’s issues.  We were asked to print, embroider, embellish, deconstruct, repurpose or otherwise reconsider the ubiquitous, practical cloth.

Celebrate or subvert? Refurbish or reject?  Craft or art? High or low? Love or loathe drying dishes, there is no denying that the tea towel itself has made somewhat of a resurgence as a design icon. Where else can it go?

"Woman is aligned with moon, we belong together, enchant each other. 

We live our lives in an eternal awareness of cycles.

Wax Full Wane New Wax Full Wane New Wax Full Wane 


Watch the moon, write your secrets and your dreams, carry them and keep them safe."


"The tea towel unravelled: threads pulled apart and plaited; fabric cut, pulverised, boiled, transformed into paper; cloth stitched into a reticule.


The actions involved in making this piece echo traditional women’s work, braiding of hair, alchemy in the kitchen, sewing and embellishing. I take joy in these tasks, feel their tradition and potency sing through my body while I create. "


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