image: Greg Piper

Florilegium…traversing the poetry of plants, by Sarah and I, is a finalist in the 2021 Toowoomba Contemporary Wearables Award.

This is the suite of 42 small handcrafted sculptural works inspired by the complexity and richness of native flora. 

'Contemporary Wearables Biennial Jewellery Award and Exhibition is the focus of Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery's contribution to promoting excellence in contemporary adornment. The award was established in 1989, with the aid of the Toowoomba Gallery Society Inc., and is a forum for experimental and innovative contemporary jewellery and object practice.'

Thrilled to have the work that Sarah and I created for Ceramix selected as a finalist in the Handcrafted category for this award.


'The Design Files + Laminex Design Awards is an awards program designed to acknowledge the designers, architects and makers who contribute to Australia’s vibrant creative community.

This is an awards program which recognises the diverse creative fields which make up modern Australia, from small scale, handcrafted practices, to Residential Architecture, Interior Design, and Landscape Design.

From established to emerging creatives, home studios to globally recognised design firms, these awards bring together the very best in Australian design and creativity.'

A collaboration with Sarah Rayner


Sarah invited me to collaborate with her for Ceramix, an exhibition held by Australian Ceramics Association where ceramic artists were invited to collaborate with an artist working in a different medium.

Over 8 months and 2400km Sarah and I created a body of work underpinned by the language and poetry of plants.


A deep connection to our immediate natural environments (me Bruny Island and Sarah Sunshine Coast hinterland) is paramount to our individual practices as is the compulsion to collect, observe and scrutinise.These similarities have brought us together, sharing a quest to morph and form porcelain and silver from inert matter into three-dimensional tactile, sensual and compelling works which explore both the fragility, strength and delicate balance of the natural world.


The final works become storytellers, just as are the plants that inspired them.