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- a collaboration with Sarah Rayner
Gallery Sally Dan-Cuthbert,
Rushcutters Bay, Sydney
28 October - 22 November 2020

Anthologia is a Greek word that literally means ‘flower gathering’.

For this exhibition I was invited to continue my collaboration with Queensland artist Sarah Rayner. We have created a range of collaborative pieces and our own individual works exploring the precious plant life of our environments.

“‘Florilegium - Whispered Conversations’ has grown out of a joyful and generous journey of a conversation with Sarah over many months. There has been an open exchange and sharing of works, words, stories and knowledge across the country. Our sculptures communicate to each other creating a story that captures a fragility and strength as they mimic the natural world. They invite close attention and share an intimacy with the viewer; their delicacy echoing the fragility of our environment.

The stand-alone work that I created for Anthologia continues this exploration and close observation of the plant world around me, and its precarious position in nature.

I have fabricated the entire works from silver sheet and wire. The sculptures are a poetic representation of the specimens and aren’t intended to be an exact replica; they are my inspiration.

The slow and intricate process of sawing, hammering, bending, soldering and sanding allows me to learn about the intricate details of the plant and consider its fragility and also wonder at its fortitude. In actuality the orchids and sundews that I studied are small and/or incredibly delicate. For example ‘florescence’ is based on the pygmy sundew, in nature they are merely the size of your thumbnail, yet however small and fragile they may be these plants survive in some of the harshest conditions in Tasmania.”                 


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