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Gilded Encounters

Hadley's Orient Hotel
Hobart, Tasmania

An exhibition of jewellery and small objects in collaboration with three Tasmanian jewellers exploring the history and architecture of one of Hobart's oldest hotels - Hadley's Orient Hotel.

"Speculating on secrets hidden and musing on chapters of lives lived, I find that Hadley’s Orient Hotel presents as a character of its own. Its evolution is filled with highs and lows, from its convict foundations and bankruptcy to wealthy patrons and glittering galas.
With every layer of the elaborate wallpaper that is peeled away another layer of history is unveiled; glimpses of the lives of those who built the hotel, those who ran it into near ruin and of those dreamt of what it could be.
Infused into the walls are also the whispers from a fleeting procession of visitors from around the world; adventurers and explorers, politicians and philanderers, artists and royalty, and eventually an audacious shoe salesman who breathed life back into a faltering hotel and resurrected Hadley’s to its former glory.
Chandeliers glint, reflecting and refracting light, and stories are scattered - fractured, glimpsed at briefly. My work explores these hints, glimmers and shadows using both traditional materials and found objects that are embued with time, place and stories themselves - piano keys, antique silver salvers, sandstone, crystal and glass."


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